City's Magic Items

To my fellow councilmembers

Our market has items.

Buy them.



With warm regards!

From <http: />

• Wand: Wand of Cure moderate wounds (2nd Level, CL 3rd); 4,500.00 gp
Wand: Wand of Shatter (2nd Level, CL 3rd); 4,500.00 gp
Ring: Ring of spell knowledge II; 6,000.00 gp
Neck: Feychild necklace; 6,000.00 gp
Arcane Scroll of Grease, Floating Disk


So is it a scroll of Floating Disk or just A floating disk? Because I will buy the shit out of the latter.

City's Magic Items

a Scroll =p

City's Magic Items

Well, I’m terribly disappointed now.

City's Magic Items
tezneek tezneek

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