Name change

So the country is in for a name change. If anyone has any idea then bring them sunday. I have a few myself so far and they are:


They are all from either French, Spanish, Protégées or Latin and mean various things. but of course the name doesn’t have to be any of these things. Anyways see you guys sunday.


((copypasting my big-ass brainstorming list. My fav is Aralay))

Aulynd m. Our Land
Fayind m. fairy wind
Farind ^

Rydid welsh. Freedom
Rydell ^
Rayadell ^

Feyauld m. fairy gold

Aurdail welsh. Gold leaves
Aurdale ^

Aralay m + welsh. Gold leaves
Auralay ^
Aurlay ^

Lifarra m. Lovely forest
Witrassa m. wealthy trees

Gutvald yiddish. good forest

Llesia welsh. benevolent
Lessia ^
Sioannol ^

Fendith welsh. boon
Bendith ^
Mendith ^
Bendithion ^
Fendithion ^
Mendithion ^

Beannacht irish. blessing
Beannu ^
Coireacan ^
Bua ^
Suailce ^
Buntaiste ^
Tacaiocht ^

Saireas irish. wealth

Breamor irish. generous

Taramor no origin. general celtic flavor
Meadreath ^
Altoryn ^
Eavenyl ^
Llladimor ^
Cualdith ^
Enor ^
Wyldich ^

Name change
tezneek Bombchellter

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